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Welcome to Eurythmy in NZ

This web site is under construction

It will be devoted to the arts of eurythmy and speech in New Zealand

Upcoming Events
From 18th March till 9th April the Light Eurythmy Ensemble from Switzerland will tour New Zealand together with Threshold Theatre, Christchurch.

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Eurythmy - What is it?

Eurythmy is a dance form inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy and the Rudolf Steiner Schools together with his wife Marie Steiner.

Any movement, in its purest form is dance.
Some would argue that eurythmy is not dance, but dance is a very wide, all encompassing concept including many forms of movement from folk dance, ballet, to tango etc. Each of these dance forms is unique and likewise eurythmy. One of eurythmy 's unique aspects is that it is done to words as well as music.

Eurythmy is established on a solid foundation of nearly one hundred years practice and trainings are established all over the world. The basic bachelor training takes 4 years and there are several master degrees in eurythmy being offered in Europe at present.
But eurthymy is not just a stage art. It is also applied in pedagogy, especially in the Rudolf Steiner Schools, is done in the work place as social developement and to help concentration and dexterity, and has a therapeutic branch with a special training recognised in Europe, for physical and psychological illnesses.

Qoutes: "The aim is to speak and sing through movements and gestures that reveal to the eye what language and music bring to the ear." http://www.eurythmy.org.uk

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